2022 World Cup Semifinal Prediction: France vs Morocco

The 2022 World Cup quarter-finals have passed. Now, four teams that will compete in the last four have been obtained. Through dramatic matches and matches throughout the selection, these four teams will meet again in the semifinal match which will be held on December 14, 2022.

One of the most anticipated matches will come to us December 15, 2022. This match will bring together two super-class teams namely France and Morocco. In this meeting, France was present as the defending champion who was ready and motivated to defend their position. Meanwhile, their opponents, aka Morocco, are coming as a dark horse team that has the opportunity to stir up public expectations again. Yes, at first no one thought that Morocco would go this far.

Apart from all the initial calculations, in fact they managed to survive through phase after phase of the match which was full of challenges. To claim its place in the semifinals, Morocco must get rid of a number of top-flight teams that are more favored. The teams included Portugal, Spain and Belgium. Miraculously, despite their status as a bottom-of-the-table team, Morocco was able to pass through the competition phase without the slightest record of defeat.

Match History
The match between France vs Morocco will be a historic moment. This is the moment of the first meeting of the two teams on the World Cup stage. The duel between France and Morocco took place for the first time in 1963. That fight made a sweet record because it was the first time that Morocco had won over France. Throughout history, the two teams have been in touch 11 times.

The meeting between France and Morocco in the semifinals of the 2022 World Cup will also be a reunion for the two teams. They last met in 2007 and then on the occasion of a friendly match. In that game, both teams managed to draw 2-2. Now, after 15 years, France and Argentina will meet again. But this time they no longer met as friends, but as sworn enemies ready to defeat each other.

During their matches at the 2022 World Cup, France and Morocco were able to go through the competition very successfully. Both teams managed to raise their name and popularity. They don’t have much to lose either. What happened was the opposite. Neither France nor Morocco have ever lost in a trip to Qatar.

Match Predictions
The match between France and Morocco will be quite a hot one. Morocco as one of the strongest dark horses will again display an ultra-defense game to drain the French defense. In this way, Morocco wants to win again because this tactic has proven to be effective in tackling tough opponents like Spain and Portugal.

Likewise with France. Preferably the defending champions from last season, they are predicted to play with stronger defense and attack. It is very likely that France will again qualify for the finals at the 2022 World Cup. Kylian Mbappe’s drive is still the mainstay and main hope for bringing France over Morocco.

The match between France vs Morocco will be fierce. However, France is predicted to be much stronger in terms of defense and attack intensity. Even though Morocco has succeeded in overthrowing the big teams from Europe, this does not apply to France. France’s quality is still very difficult to beat by Morocco. The predicted score at the end of the match is 2 for France and 1 for Morocco.

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