List of Brigades that Good for the Top 16 at the 2022 World Cup

The Qatar World Cup event is getting lower and lower. Matchday matches in the group phase will soon be over. still, a number of places in the top 16 of the 2022 World Cup are still empty. That’s what’s now being fought over by the team that’s still floundering in the group stage. Until ten days latterly, at least seven countries have verified their entry into the top 16 phase. That number will clearly continue to grow. Of the seven countries that have been safe, France is the first platoon to register a name.
This is quite a unique record. Since 2010, every country that won a palm last season, they will surely perform poorly and fail to qualify for the group phase in the ensuing season’s event. But that doesn’t apply to France. In fact, they came the first platoon to successfully reach the top 16 zone for the 2022 World Cup.

Excluded Qatar

Still, bad luck will transpire Qatar, If France manages to break the crown curse. Since the morning of qualifying for the group, numerous prognostications said that Qatar would be a weak platoon. still, given the soberness of the Qatari government in preparing for the 2022 World Cup, numerous parties also support Qatar. They’re believed to have bettered so that they can present their stylish game to face the competition.

Unfortunately, during the competition, the home representatives constantly achieved wrong results. In the opening match against Ecuador, Qatar lost 2- 0. Meanwhile, they also got the same bad results against the Netherlands. In the decisive match, Qatar lost again with a score of 2- 0.
The destruction and gravidity of Qatar in two rounds of matches created a sad condition. They came the first platoon to be demurred out of the competition. Until the end of November, not a single platoon from Asia had made it through to the group phase.

Provisional List of Top 16 World Cup 2022

1. French

After taking a steep road before the 2022 World Cup rolled around, France has now managed to shoot . Throughout the group stage, they performed veritably brilliantly. They indeed came the first platoon to qualify for the last 16 round. In the two matchday matches played, France was successful in a clean reach. When facing Australia, France won with a score of 4- 1. Meanwhile, when they battered against Denmark, they won again 2- 1.

2. Brazil

Brazil is one of the most favored brigades. Compared to Argentina, who’s also largely favored, Brazil’s trip at the 2022 World Cup has been smoother so far. putatively, now they’ve managed to qualify for the knockout phase while Argentina are still stuck in the group competition. Brazil’s palm over Switzerland made them catch France who had formerly perched in the top 16.

3. Portugal

Portugal will still fight against South Korea on December 2. still, they’ve been verified to qualify for the last 16 after performing well during the group stage. In the first match against Ghana, Portugal won with a score of 3- 2. And in the alternate match against Uruguay, Portugal came back victorious with a 2- 0 thing.

4. Senegal

The windmill country platoon didn’t want to be left before in showing off at this time’s World Cup. Under the care of van Gaal, they’ve now successfully claimed a place in the top 16. A palm over the home platoon will automatically lead them to the knockout stages. The Netherlands strengthened its achievement by winning GroupA.
At first it wasn’t taken into account, but Senegal’s capability to play game after game in the group phase paid off. Now, the team from the African mainland has made sure to qualify for the round of 16. In the decisive match of Group A, Senegal managed to beat Qatar with a 2- 1 thing.

5. English

Having Bothered suckers because their performance continued to decline, England were eventually suitable to prove their strength. England enthrall the top standings in groupB. Automatically this achievement makes them entitled to win a ticket to the knockout phase, aka the last 16 of the 2022 World Cup.

6. United States of America

One further platoon from Group B that has surely good for the last 16 this time. They’re the United States. The United States is the Runner- up in GroupB. Together with England, they made it through tough competition in the group phase. In the last game, the United States won over the Iranian public platoon.

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