Messi’s Less Perfect Happiness with Argentina at the 2022 World Cup Qatar

Lionel Messi seemed to be happy after the Argentina national team won the final match against the French national team on Sunday (18/12) last night. This happiness is considered imperfect because Messi as the best player is not accompanied by getting the golden boot as the Top Scorer.

Kylian Mbappe was the highlight of the night scoring three goals to level France’s lead over Argentina in the second half. Mbappe, who scored nine goals in this tournament, won the title as top scorer at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Argentina, which initially led the match with a score of two blanks in the first half through Messi’s goal at the spot and Angel di Maria’s sontean assisted by Messi, led to the second goal for Argentina. The advantage lasted until the second half began. France, through Mbappe, managed to equalize in the second half through two goals from the Paris Saint Germain player. One goal from the spot and another goal came from Mbappe’s first-time kick.

Kylian Mbappe Scores a Hattrick

Argentina added to the lead by scoring one more goal, the score being 3 – 2. However, the thirsty Mbappe also managed to add three to his goal. The Monaco-born striker scored a hat-trick in the Qatar World Cup final. Score 3 – 3 is the end of extra time, penalty shootout must still determine which team deserves to lift the world champion trophy. Finally Argentina won the penalty shootout by saving 3 kicks from French players, Emiliano Martine became the star of the match, he is called the world’s best goalkeeper at the moment. His appearance with Argentina impressed everyone who witnessed it.

The Paris Saint Germain player’s hat trick managed to make him the top scorer young player at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The player who is currently 23 years old still has hope to appear in the next tournament with better achievements. Even though France failed to bring the Cup as world champions this time, at least Mbappe managed to become the top scorer in the tournament which was held since last November.

Mbappe managed to beat all his competitors in scoring goals, including the best player in the final match Lionel Messi who only managed to collect seven goals until the final match was over. Sad and happy at the same time, Messi managed to bring Argentina to this point, after in 2014 Argentina had to lose to the German national team in the final. Now Argentina after 12 years has made it back to the final round and brought the championship trophy to South America as proof that effort and hard work will pay off sweet results in the future.

THE GOAT Lionel Messi

Messi deserves the title of the best player of all time
The nickname GOAT is always given by football fans to players who are said to deserve this title. Ronaldo and Messi have always been a conversation about this.

Greatest of All Time is the meaning of the term GOAT in this case. Ronaldo, who failed to qualify for the quarter-finals with Portugal, had to lose to his competitor Lionel Messi. The victory for the Argentine national team brought Messi to deserve the current GOAT title. He managed to lead Argentina to win the 2022 World Cup after beating defending champions France in the final (18/12) yesterday.

Messi almost holds the title of top scorer, if only Mbappe didn’t score one more goal in that match. Lionel Messi is only one goal away from his PSG team-mate. Messi remains in the hearts of the Argentinian fans that night to this day. He became a milestone in the history of the victory of the Argentine national team after several years of fasting at the World Cup.

Mbappe’s goals came in the group stage and round of 16 of the World Cup. Some of them were created from the goals he scored against Australia, the Polish national team, and the Danish national team. He managed to be crowned as the top scorer in the World Cup this time. Even though it was seen from his face that was full of regret because the French national team had to reap defeat in a penalty shootout against Argentina yesterday. However, Mbappe in the previous edition of the World Cup had tasted the world title with the French national team in Russia in 2018. He and his team failed to defend the title in the next edition.

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