Opening Fifa World Cup 2022: Where are Shakira and Dua Lipa?

The 2022 World Cup event has been rolling since last week. The opening form went well and lively. Taking place at the Al Bayt colosseum, Al Kohr megacity, the opening form on20/11 was attended by knockouts of thousands of observers and was broadcast around the world.

There were colorful moments that caught attention during the event. The commission presents a variety of intriguing lodestones through musical performances, cotillion and art demonstrations typical of Qatar, to the appearance of stager actor Morgan Freeman. Korean youth hero Jungkook also took part in the event to present the theme song for the 2022 World Cup. The event lasted for about 2 hours. After that, the docket continued with the staging of the initial match at the 2022 World Cup. This time’s World Cup was opened with a fierce battle between the host platoon, Qatar, against Ecuador.

Shakira Perform

Changes in Events

Indeed though it went easily and was relatively spectacular, the factual opening of the 2022 World Cup history didn’t go according to the original plan. This happed because several top guest stars who were firstly going to fill the show chose to cancel their contracts. At the last nanosecond, the commission had to rearrange the event rundown.

One of the most awaited players is Shakira. preliminarily, Shakira verified that she’d take part in the opening of this time’s world mug. In the history of the World Cup, Shakira was a veritably iconic star at the 2010 World Cup. The theme song for that time’s World Cup, entitled Wakka Wakka, was beautifully delivered by Shakira. The song came one of the most popular World Cup soundtracks and is still veritably important loved moment.
Piecemeal from Shakira, another guest star who was supposed to fill the show was Dua Lipa. It was also extensively reported that the youthful British songster would be one of the guest stars at the opening of the 2022 World Cup. Unfortunately, Dua Lipa didn’t appear until the end of the event.

The exposure of Shakira and Dua Lipa from the opening form for the 2022 World Cup raised questions. Until the event started, there was no advertisement from the organizers regarding changes to the players. still, the certainty of the reasons behind Shakira and Dua Lipa’s absence was revealed latterly. Both are listed to take part in the show. Unfortunately they also decided to withdraw and chose not to share in the opening form.

Dua Lipa Perform

Particular reasons

Marca Magazine revealed that ahead of the launch of the event, Shakira won’t appear at the opening of the 2022 World Cup. According to intelligencer Adriana Dorronsoro, there’s no farther certainty regarding whether Shakira will be involved in other dockets during the World Cup. still, Shakira’s appearance was a moment that was largely anticipated, indeed though it didn’t be.

songster Dua Lipa was also a pantomime who chose to withdraw shortly before the opening formstarted.However, Dua Lipa openly revealed particular reasons that kept her from appearing last night, If Shakira didn’t detail the reasons. Dua Lipa reportedly withdrew because he felt disappointed with FIFA. According to him, FIFA only prioritizes their interests without wanting to see the mortal rights extremity that passed in Qatar.
Likewise, despite canceling his participation in the opening of the world mug, Dua Lipa promised to continue to support the British platoon. Dua Lipa hopes England will sculpt the stylish results in this time’s event. He has also verified that he’ll not come to Qatar. still, that doesn’t hamper Dua Lipa’s enthusiasm and support in every match that the Three Lions will take on.

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