Scandal World Cup 2022, Qatar Bribes Ecuador in Opener Game!

reproach after reproach continues to blemish the 2022 world mug. Untreated cases of contended mortal rights violations by the Qatari government against migratory workers, bad news is now back. It seems endless, most lately the Qatari government was indicted of fraud. The infidelity was designedly done to smooth Qatar’s way to palm in the first match, videlicet the Qatar Ecuador Bribery reproach.
In the first match held on Sunday20/11, Qatar will face Ecuador. This is the sanctioned opening match in this season’s world mug. The match between Qatar vs Ecuador will be held after the opening form. Qatar will host Ecuador at the Al Bayt colosseum located in the megacity of Al Kohr.

Qatar bribery reproach to Ecuador

Indeed though it was a largely anticipated match, unfortunately the moment of the Qatar vs Ecuador meeting sounded full of contestation. This came after allegations of fraud by Qatar surfaced. Qatar as the host clearly doesn’t want to bear the shame of losing in the opening game. thus, Qatar has set a strategy so that they come out victorious.

In a report revealed by the Regional British Center of Saudi Arabia, Qatar is said to have given backhanders
to the Ecuador public platoon. Regional prophet for the British Center, Amjad Taha, said Qatar expended 7 Million Bones to buy palm from Ecuador. Taha also detailed that the plutocrat had been distributed among 8 Ecuadorian players as backhanders
‌The fraud allegedly committed by Qatar was intended to make the Ecuador public platoon want to givein.However, also Qatar will be suitable to advance to the advanced party, If Ecuador designedly beats himself. conspiracy between Qatar and a number of Ecuadorian stars would affect in a 1- 0 score at the end of the match.

still, this will add to Qatar’s embarrassment as long as it’s tagged as the organizer, If the allegations are proven true. This infidelity also negates the spirit that has so far been upheld in the world of sports, videlicet sportsmanship and a fair final result. As a platoon that isn’t too favored, numerous people suspect that Qatar will reach a dead end. They can be removed veritably fluently. Demands and a desire to answer those who belittled it appear to be the reason Qatar took that action. An act which of course can not be justified.
‌Until now, neither Qatar nor Ecuador have responded to the bribery reproach that chanced them. The Qatari government and the football confederation, which generally move snappily to forfend off any attacks at the 2022 World Cup, have also not opened their voices. The match between Qatar and Ecuador will continue as listed.

‌The bribery contestation that passed at the 2022 World Cup is the alternate bad news that has chanced Ecuador. preliminarily, the Ecuador platoon was nearly disqualified because it was caught falsifying the identity of one of its top players. Bryon Castillo, a player from Ecuador, is known to be not a native of that country. Bryon was born in Colombia. He also moved to Ecuador to pursue a career in football. The falsification of Bryon’s own hearthstone documents was carried out with the blessing of the Ecuadorian football confederation.
‌Despite being a relatively controversial platoon, Ecuador does not feel to want to bother. They’re still determined to perform and perform optimally at the 2022 world mug latterly. Ecuador is also a special platoon. They’re the first opponents of the home platoon. The match between Ecuador vs Qatar will be the first match to open the 2022 World Cup. The 2022 World Cup opened on 20 November 2022 and will end on 18 December 2022.

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