World Cup Predictions Between Argentina and France

Argentina and France are the two camps most favored to win the 2022 World Cup. However, beside them there is still Croatia which is no less sensational. Since the 2018 World Cup, Croatia’s strength has successfully shaken the public. The peak of the mass shock occurred when they made it into the final round and finished in the 2018 World Cup Runner up position. Now, Croatia is back to fight for the victory that was delayed.

Their strength is currently increasing. No less than its 3 competitors in the semi-final phase, Morocco also drew admiration and sympathy from the world. Coming from Africa as a squad that had not been taken into account, Morocco was able to maneuver and prove its comeback. Many think, Morocco really got a miracle at this year’s World Cup. They shot far past a number of well-known teams and now have the opportunity to enter the final round.

Although the composition of the top 4 squad this season is quite varied, Argentina and France are still the most enchanting. Several predictions say they will meet in the upcoming 2022 World Cup final. If the prediction is correct, the 2022 World Cup final will be a tense and memorable battlefield. But, this is the World Cup prediction between Argentina and France.

History for France

France world cup predictions – After winning the 2018 World Cup, good fortune still befell France until the 2022 tournament. They succeeded in making history as the first defensive team to qualify for the semifinals since 2010. The curse of failure that is often experienced by the defending champions has also been broken by France. As a team that is quite rich and famous, France is coached by a coach who is quite experienced. The opportunist Didier Deschamps did not want to appear half-assed in this tournament. He targets France to become world champion in a row. In the upcoming 2022 World Cup final, France is ready to make new history. France’s chances of winning the top match are supported by their squad which is filled with the best players. Call it, Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, to Olivier Giroud. They are 3 of 11 dangerous stars who will strengthen France in the remaining matches. Including the final match that they might play again this year.

Proof of Argentina

Argentina world cup predictions – argentina has also joined the 2022 World Cup as a top squad. They were so adored and favored because they made it through the confederation period with a gold record, never being beaten. To complete the achievement and prove their true quality, Argentina will play like crazy if they make it to the final phase. Playing in the final round and winning the trophy is Argentina’s biggest obsession this year. They had waited 36 years for that victory to return to their laps. In 2014, it almost happened. Unfortunately they were ousted by Germany when they met in the final. With experience, achievements and highly qualified resources, Argentina certainly has a great chance to win the 2022 World Cup. One of the factors that has earned Argentina the right to win the title is the presence of selected players like Dybala and Messi. The collaboration of old players with young players also makes it difficult for Argentina to stop in the face of the two remaining matches. If Argentina and France actually meet in the upcoming final, it will be difficult for fans to predict which squad will perform better. Argentina and France are two very bright clubs. It could be because they are so competitive, their fate in the final round will be decided by penalty shootout. However, the certainty regarding which squad will fill in the final match will only be answered on December 15, 2022.

After winning the 2018 World Cup, this year it is predicted that France will again win the FIFA tournament every four years. Not without reason. During preparation and when taking match after match at the 2022 World Cup, France was able to perform very consistently. Their strength is believed to still be very qualified to be brought to the final round. Currently, France is preparing for the semi-final match which will be held on Thursday 15 December 2022. In that match, France will clash with Morocco to fight over a remaining ticket to the final phase.

Of the many sources that favor France, one of the latest predictions comes from Ronaldo Nazario. Nazario is one of the legendary players who has successfully defended Brazil. Now that Brazil has been eliminated, Nazario fully directs his predictions for the 2022 world cup to fall to France. If this prediction comes true, France will make history as the first team to successfully carry out back to back victories. Have Great Opportunities France’s chances of winning the 2022 World Cup are indeed very wide open. According to Ronaldo Nazario, what France is currently doing and achieving is a special condition. There has not been a single team from Europe that can match France’s position. Throughout their appearance at the 2022 World Cup, France has been quite successful in maintaining its reputation. Their presence is always tinged with victory. France’s success in penetrating the semifinals is a new record that has never happened since 2010 by the defending champion squad.

In the last group stage phase, France successfully won two wins from the three matches played. When faced with Denmark, France won 2-1. And against Australia, France ended the match with a 4-1 goal feast. Since then France’s position in Group D has been very strong. The 1-0 defeat they experienced against Tunisia had no impact whatsoever. Instead, it was Tunisia that was finally eliminated after defeating France. After successfully establishing a position in the round of 16, France then performed brilliantly against Poland. They advanced to the quarterfinals with a score of 3-1. In the quarterfinals, again France could not be stopped. They managed to overthrow England with a score of 2-1. Victory over England brought France into the semifinals of the 2022 World Cup. Next, they will face Morocco.

France’s consistent performance at the 2022 World Cup should really be watched out for. They will probably be many times stronger when playing in the last two remaining matches. It is this potential that makes France have a great chance to lift the trophy again. Only Argentina is considered to be a match opponent for France in the 2022 World Cup final match.

Mbappe’s Influence in Team

Not only benefiting from a solid team, experienced trainers, and high flying hours in scoring wins, predictions of France’s victory in the 2022 World Cup have also strengthened because of the figure of Kylian Mbappe . Mbappe is one of the players most credited with helping France win the 2018 World Cup. And this year, Mbappe’s presence there has convinced many parties that victory will still belong to France.

Ronaldo Nazario also explicitly admits that Mbappe is one of the most valuable assets for France. He hopes Mbappe will win the best player award this year. Together with Mbappe, France’s opportunity to maintain its position and win the World Cup for the third time is wider. “Kylian Mbappe has had an amazing World Cup. His technical ability and physical endurance are unmatched. He could be named the best player of the year.” Ronaldo Nazario concluded.

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